My name is Enrico Norbiato, I was born in Padua in February 1965 and now I live on the Asiago Plateau.

I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice in Theory and Method of Mass Media with a thesis on the History of Czech and Slovak Photography, with lecturers Prof. Carlo Montanaro and Prof. Angelo Schwarz.

During my studies at the Academy I enrolled in the four-year Sculpture course with Prof. Gianfranco Tramontin.

In 1995 I present my sculpture to an art collective proposed by the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice in the Tronchetto exhibition spaces.

In 1996 I took part in a group show with a multi-hand assembled installation inside the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts.

In 2003 and 2004 I attended courses in Alpine Photography held by Prof. Angelo Schwarz and Prof. Massimo Tosello.

In 2002 I attended the Digital Photography and Photoshop courses held by Prof. Massimo Tosello.

From 1997 to 2008 I chaired the Abano Fotoclub where I organized several seminars, meetings with the author, photography courses, staging of exhibitions and photographic events, sponsored by the Municipality of Abano Terme.

From 2000 to 2008, at the invitation of the Art Rock Cafè Association of Abano Terme, I took part in various projects financed by the Veneto Region Department of Social Services in the two Pena Institutes of Padua, during which I realized, in collaboration with the prisoners, several short films on social issues, photographic projects, photography courses and meetings with the author.

Lately I have some free time and I recycle projects designed at the time of my studies at the academy or designed during the moments of reflection on society and I assemble them with materials that I find abandoned along the rivers, in the forgotten cellars or where the visual destiny leads me.

With a Dadaist spirit, I propose these unpublished sculptures, recycled Doc